Park Rules


General Rules

  • USE OF THE PARK IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. You are responsible for the dogs and people you bring to the park, for everything they do, for your own safety, and for that of your dogs.
The most IMPORTANT rule of the park is to PLEASE WATCH YOUR DOG at all times and CONTROL your dog's behavior.
  • THE PARK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any harm to you, your dogs, your property, or anyone you bring with you; and you assume the risk of such harm. If you or your dog are injured at the park by another dog or human, you and the other person involved must settle any issues with each other. Orianna Hill Park, its Board of Directors, and its members are not responsible for the actions of any individual or dog at the park.
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE PARK. In fact, all members are responsible. If you see another user who is not following the rules, please kindly remind them. It is everyone's responsibility to make sure the park rules are followed.
  • ALL DOGS USING THE PARK MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE PARK. No registration = no entry into the park. No "visiting" dogs are allowed. Register those dogs at before you bring them.
Registration helps us put members in touch with one another in the case of an incident. It's also a great local resource for reuniting lost dogs with owners. Registered dogs may receive a lifetime tag with a number but tags are no longer mandatory.


  • DOGS LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS OLD. Puppies under the age of four months usually cannot be fully vaccinated, and are both susceptible to and potential carriers of disease. Young puppies can die from diseases they pick up from the park ground: keep them out entirely.
  • DOGS NOT CURRENTLY VACCINATED AGAINST RABIES. The law and common sense REQUIRE all dogs 4 months of age and older be vaccinated for rabies.
  • UN-NEUTERED ADULT DOGS. Female dogs older than 8 months and male dogs older than 1 year must be neutered to use the park.


THE PICNIC PARK (Corner of Orianna and Poplar)

  • The picnic park is open to people only. It is off-limits to dogs (even leashed).
  • Please keep this area clean and respect the plantings.


  • Community garden plots are rented to neighbors on a seasonal basis and are not open to the public.
  • Do not enter the community gardens unless you are a current gardener or are accompanied by one.
  • Do not take any fruits, vegetables, or flowers from the garden. These are the private property of the community gardeners.


THE DOG RUN (Orianna Street through to 3rd Street)
  • Entering the run
    • The dog run has two entrances and exits bordering the park. You can find them on Orianna Street and on 3rd St. Do not use an entrance or exit at the same time as another dog owner. To keep dogs safe, please take turns.
    • Secure one gate before opening the next gate so dogs cannot run into the street.
    • Remove or attach leashes in the area between the gates to reduce the chance of leash aggression. (On the street: leashes on. In the run: leashes off.)
    • If there is only one other person in the run when you approach, alert that person to your presence before entering. Some dogs need to be at the run alone. Please give the other person a chance to remove his/her dog before you enter.
    • Dogs must wear a flat collar or harness at all times in the run. No prong or pinch collars are allowed inside the dog run.
  • In the dog run
    • WATCH YOUR DOG. Keep your dog within your line of sight at all times. This means that you should not be:
      • on your phone.
      • reading the paper.
      • asleep.
      • deeply engaged in conversation while your dog is at the run.
    • Please give your dog and other users the privilege of your attention while you're at the run.
    • Different dogs enjoy the park in different ways. Pay attention to what your dog likes and doesn't like, and try to minimize situations that upset your dog (or you). If your dog likes to play more roughly than you are comfortable with, you may need to avoid times when your dog's rowdiest playmates are at the park.
    • Communicate with the humans! If a dog's behavior makes you uncomfortable, let the dog's owner know and give them a chance to resolve it.
    • If your dog behaves aggressively towards anyone in the run, you must remove your dog immediately. Common courtesy suggests that you should also apologize and check that the person/dog is all right. Get your dog under control and then offer your contact information to the other person. You may also want to explore some training to address the behavior.
    • If your dog behaves aggressively toward another dog, one of those dogs must leave immediately. Some dogs simply can't get along. If your dog is a regular aggressor, please seek times when your dog can be at the run alone or without other dogs that trigger him/her. Dogs who repeatedly behave aggressively should not be at Orianna Hill Park when other dogs are there.
    • If your dog barks repeatedly while in the run, you must leave and return at another time.
      • FIRST, stop the situation.
      • SECOND, deal with immediate medical needs.
      • THIRD, exchange information with the other dog's owner and resolve any insurance or expense issues between yourselves.

  • CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG IMMEDIATELY. Please use a bag (no loose poop in the cans), and dispose of it in trash cans. Plastic bags for cleanup purposes are usually available at the park but don't count on it. Always bring your own bags to the park. If you see poop in the park that has been overlooked, please clean it up.
  • Clean up your dog's other messes, too. If your dog likes to empty the pool or water dish, refill it. If your dog shreds a tennis ball, throw the pieces away. If your dog digs a hole, fill it in.


  • Do not bring more than 3 dogs to the park at any time.
  • Anyone under 18 years old must be with a responsible adult in the dog run.
  • If you smoke, dispose of your butts in the trash. Cigarette butts are poisonous to dogs.
  • Respect our neighbors by controlling barking and noise at all times, but especially between the "quiet hours" of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Please don't use yelling to control barking. Loud conversation can also disturb neighbors! 
  • Work out your own or your dog's issues. If there is a dog or person you or your dog can't be in the park with, figure out how to avoid each other.

Please be a good park user!

  • HELP ENFORCE THESE RULES. If you see another park user violating any of the park rules—or simply failing to notice a problem—politely bring it to their attention. In particular, if you witness a dog fight, help the humans involved to control the situation and exchange information.


Remember, use of the Park is always at your own risk, and dog owners—particularly those whose dogs have had issues with each other—are expected to resolve issues and/or disputes among themselves. Further, please note that dog owners are liable for any injuries caused by their dogs to other dogs or to people. The dog park carries general liability insurance which specifically excludes dog bites.

The Board generally will not get involved if an incident occurs. However, please note that the FOOHP Board always reserves the right to revoke membership based on incidents of aggression by a member or his or her dog.

If you are involved in an incident at the park:
  1. Remove yourself and your dog from the park immediately. Leash your dog and communicate from the sidewalk.
  2. Exchange contact information with the other owner, in case you need to contact him/her after the fact. It is a condition of use for the park for owners to release their contact information to other members if their dog is involved in an altercation at the park.
  3. Bystanders: please remember that everyone involved in a dog fight is distracted. Any help you can provide to either or both humans to help them contact each other later is appreciated.
  4. If you are unable to obtain the other member's contact information, contact the Board Secretary at [email protected] for help tracking them down.
  5. Anyone may report an incident by filling out an incident form.


IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, CALL 911. Use the address "901 North Orianna Street" or the cross-streets of Orianna and Poplar.


Remember, use of the Park is always at your own risk. Dog owners are liable for any injuries caused by their dogs to other dogs or to people. Orianna Hill Park carries general liability insurance which specifically excludes dog bites.